In the hut we accept payments by Paypal or by Credit Card

  Adults Children
Summer Half board 45 € 35 €

Winter Half board

(from 1 October to 15 May)

46 € 35 €
Full board 60 € 50 €


Half board includes: dinner, bed and breakfast, drinks are excluded for dinner and a sleeping bag if requested. Dinner includes a fixed menu, with one or two first courses, a second with two or three side dishes, fresh water and coffee. For the Covid period only, it is mandatory to buy a disposable sheet bag at the shelter at a cost of € 3.50 or to bring your own sheet bag or personal sleeping bag. We also provide each guest with a washed and ironed cotton pillowcase.

When booking for an overnight stay we often ask for a deposit of 20 euros per person (especially in the case of snowshoeing and other initiatives, again in the case of groups, or if we are asked for a room). In these cases, it is possible to pay the requested advance by means of a bank transfer to the bank account, made out to Anna Bortoletto, via Lecco 11, Ballabio (LC) and supported by Intesa sanpaolo fil. Borgoricco (Pd).

IBAN: IT21 Q030 6962 3901 0000 0001 382

Indicate the name under which the reservation was made in the reason for the transfer.

Especially in the summer, due to difficulties in accessing the internet, I kindly ask you to send me the bank transfer slip by email (I can read the emails almost regularly from the phone)! Normally I don’t send email / whatsapp confirmation of receipt of the transfer: since I have to divide my work between cooking and accounting, I try to give priority to the first of the two!

It is possible to pay the deposit via Paypal by clicking here, but is available only in italian language; in this case a commission of 1 euro will be applied for each deposit of 20 euro paid: a deposit of 21 euro will be paid, and only 20 will be returned.

The bedroom (for 3 or 6 places, obviously in the case of groups / families it is also reserved for 2 or 4/5 people without extra charge) has the same cost as the dormitory, but to reserve the bedroom we ask for a formal reservation with a guarantee deposit of the reservation. Limited to the covid period, the room can be shared by family members, relatives and people of the same group, but not by strangers, who will therefore be placed in other rooms. This reduces the places a lot.

Full board includes: dinner, overnight stay and breakfast, plus lunch (reduced first + second course, dessert, coffee) the following day. Drinks and the sleeping bag are excluded if requested.

up to 12 years: “Children” price

under 3 years: free

overnight stay only: 24 euros

dinner only + breakfast (no overnight stay): 34 euros (possibility to pitch a tent)

breakfast only: 8 euros (tea / coffee / latte + bread, butter, jam, biscuits and rusks)

The complete lunch (cost 24 euros) consists of: first, second and side dishes, dessert, coffee, water and 1/4 of wine.

The initiatives are free for those staying in a refuge (half board), unless the additional cost in addition to the half board rate is specified

To obtain the discounts dedicated to groups (min. 8 adults, prices to be agreed according to the service requested) a formal reservation with payment of the deposit is required. Limited to the Covid period, groups of friends who do not live together will be spaced apart, so the number of the group must be calibrated based on the available spaces.

The deposit is returned (or, optionally, the booking date is moved without charge) if the cancellation, due to bad weather or other reasons, takes place BY PHONE at least 3 days in advance (4 in summer, from mid-June to mid-September) . For bookings on Saturday evening: the previous Wednesday / Tuesday before 6.00 pm.

In the event that you do not show up or notify your absence at the last moment, the deposit is normally withheld to cover the costs of staff and the transport of food on the shoulder. By the deadline of Tuesday / Wednesday at 18.00 it is therefore possible to request the return of the deposit or the transfer of the reservation to another date. If for some reason we had to cancel the initiatives or close the refuge (e.g. due to weather conditions that make moving in the mountains at high altitude dangerous) we will contact the participants, communicate the cancellation of the snowshoe hike / booking and any deposits paid will be returned in full or kept valid for a later date.

For the dinner on 31.12, the deadline for returning the deposit is 15 days.

The deposit is valid with respect to the reservation and the request for the bedrooms, which obviously are assigned to those who book / pay the deposit first. “Last minute” bookings are accepted while seats are available, but it is usually difficult to obtain room accommodation.

Access to dogs is allowed in the dining room, according to common sense and at the discretion of the shelter (if the dog remains still and quiet under a bench and if there are no other dogs in the room).

For those who stop to sleep we can accommodate dogs in the woodshed (specially equipped with wooden floor, blanket and bowls) or in the entrance door.

Dinner is served at 7.15 pm. After this time we can serve soup or cutting boards.

Lunch is served between 12.00 and 14.30

Breakfast is served between 7.30 and 8.30

At other times we serve tea and cakes, soups or cutting boards. Between 22.00 and 7.00 the refuge does not offer services except in cases of emergency.

In the hut we accept payments by Paypal or by Credit Card