In our hut keeping activity we try to respect the fragile Alpine environment in which we live. For this reason we try to minimize our human impact on the ecosystem, air, soil (paths) and water. We buy our food from local suppliers (as far as possible), and we prefer cooking and preparing our food ourselves  instead of buying ready food, canned or wrapped in plastic. We prepare bread and cakes with organic flour, we use vegetables from our garden and we buy cheese directly from the local farmers and cattle keepers. With enormous economical and human efforts we obtained from the hut owning Society (SEL, Società Escursionisti Lecchesi) the permit to install sun cell on the roof, to produce electricity without using the generator.

The impact of human presence on water at high altitude can be very heavy, because of the low temperatures, low oxygen and long lasting winter. For this reason we use low impact detergent, both for dishes and for clothes.