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The Grassi Hut (owned by the SEL, hiker’s society of Lecco) is located in a happy position, in a basin facing south; this means that even in winter, on clear and windless days, you can sit comfortably in front of the hut to tan and enjoy the warmth and tranquility.

The Grassi Hut is almost 100 years old. Its first inauguration dates back to July 31, 1921, in memory of the SEL members who died during the Great War.

The dining room, with the bedrooms above, dates back to 1960, while the spacious, bright and very functional kitchen was added on the north side of the refuge in 1998 by the then refugee Buzzoni Mauro.

The kitchen of the Grassi Hut, so large and well organized, is a rarity for a refuge and is a real “luxury” for us who work there.

Anna, Amos, Elsa, Ivo e Zeno